Brenda Morrow

Airway Clearance in Paediatric Neuromuscular Disorders: What, Why & How?

A webinar outlining the role of physiotherapy in assisting with airway clearance in paediatric patients with neuromuscular disorders.

UCT Paediatrics Professor, Brenda Morrow, will explain the underlying pathophysiology of neuromuscular disorders in children, and how these conditions affect a child’s ability to effectively clear their own airway. In addition, she will outline the advantages and disadvantages of different airway clearance techniques that can be utilised by physiotherapists in order to assist their paediatric patients with airway clearance, as well as providing the latest evidence regarding the efficacy of these techniques.

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Alison Lupton-Smith

Exercise Prescription in Pulmonary Rehabilitation – Getting it Right

In this webinar, Alison outlines how to correctly prescribe exercises for patients undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation.

She will delve into the different conditions requiring pulmonary rehab as well as the underlying physiologic rationale for implementing pulmonary rehabilitation.

She will then outline evidence-based exercise prescription principles for the physiotherapeutic management of these patients.

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Alison Lupton-Smith

Respiratory Physiotherapy in the ICU – An Evidence Base

In this webinar, Alison discusses the evidence regarding respiratory physiotherapy in the management of ICU patients. 

The different types of physiotherapeutic interventions utilised in the ICU will be discussed, and the evidence for their efficacy analysed. 

Practical guidelines on the most-evidence based approaches for the physiotherapeutic management of the critically ill patient in ICU will be provided and discussed. 

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Helene Simpson

Cuboid Syndrome – Diagnosis & Effective Management

In this webinar, renowned foot and ankle physiotherapist, Helene Simpson, discusses the ins and outs of Cuboid Syndrome. 

Helene will outline the clinical assessment and diagnostic features of the condition, as well as optimal management strategies. 

She will draw on empirical evidence and almost 40 years’ of clinical experience in presenting solutions to this tricky foot condition. 

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Richard von Bormann

From the Operating Theatre – A Surgeon’s Perspective on Rehabilitation

In this webinar series, orthopaedic surgeons provide insight into the key factors of surgery in their respective regions, and how these factors influence post-operative rehabilitation.

They will also outline their requirements for rehabilitation as the surgeon, and what functional focuses they would like from their rehabilitation practitioners post-operatively.

Get an insight into the priorities of the surgeon from a functional rehabilitation point of view, and learn about the rehabilitation priorities from the surgeon’s perspective.

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Brett Phillips

Hamstring Strains in Sport

In this 3-hour webinar series, sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapist, Brett Phillips, outlines the extent of the problem of hamstring strains in athletic populations and how we as physiotherapists can maximally assist in the recovery of these patients.

In Part 1, the epidemiology and classification of hamstring strains will be outlined and discussed.

In Part 2, the clinical assessment and diagnostic criteria of hamstring strains will be outlined.

In Part 3, evidence-based rehabilitation strategies including the L-Protocol and Nordic Protocol will be outlined and discussed. In addition, the evidence-base for adjunct therapies such as manual therapy, dry needling, massage, etc. will be reported and discussed. 

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Wendy Holliday

Injury Rehabilitation in Cyclists

In this 1-hour webinar, physiotherapist and sports scientist, Dr Wendy Holliday, outlines key rehabilitation strategies for the management of injury in cyclists.

Specific exercise prescription guidelines will be covered that are tailored towards the management of upper and lower body injuries in cyclists.

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Brett Phillips

The Phasing & Pacing of Rehabilitation: How to Time & Progress Rehab Programs

In this 3-hour webinar series, neuromusculoskeletal and orthopaedic physiotherapist, Brett Phillips, outlines how to phase rehabilitation programs to ensure that you fully rehabilitate all aspects of your patient’s function in line with their recovery timeframes.

In addition to this, he’ll discuss how to pace your rehabilitation in order to ensure optimal improvements are achieved during each rehabilitation phase.

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Gill Bedwell

The Chronic Pain Series

In this 2-hour webinar series, physiotherapist and pain scientist, Gill Bedwell, provides an overview of the physiological mechanisms of pain and an explanation of different types of pain: nociceptive, neuropathic and nociplastic.

She will also lead an interesting discussion on how to identify different pain presentations in patients.

In part 2, Gill questions whether we, as physiotherapists, are providing targeted treatment for pain? Or are we throwing multiple treatments at our patients in the hope that one actually targets the pathology? Gill unpacks what targeted treatment is and provides an interesting argument for the need to incorporate targeted treatment of pain in your every day practice.

She will also explain the physiological mechanisms of some commonly used treatment modalities for pain.

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Nick Pereira

Setting Business Goals in Physiotherapy

In this 1-hour webinar, physiotherapist and entrepreneur, Nick Pereira, discusses how to align your physiotherapy practice’s functional goals as a medical service provider with it’s goals as a business.

As clinicians, we often lack the skills, insight and mentality to optimally manage our practice as a business. Whilst providing good medical care is our primary function, sound business practices are integral to ensuring our longevity.

Nick will explain how to ensure you are aligning your clinical practice goals with the goals of optimizing it as a business.

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Brenda Morrow

Rehabilitation in the Paediatric ICU – A “Nuts and Bolts” Approach

In this webinar, renowned paediatric physiotherapist and intensive-care specialist, Prof Brenda Morrow discusses the influence of ICU hospitalization on child health and the role physiotherapists and early mobilization can play in preventing these common negative sequelae.

She will also outline specific evidence-based strategies to facilitate a culture of early and safe mobilization in paediatric ICU settings.

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