Presenter Bio

Jason Kleinsmith

Jason Kleinsmith completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy at the University of Cape Town in 2018. During his professional training at UCT, he was awarded with the Johannes Karl Wilhelm Binnewald Trophy and class medal for his Clinical Physiotherapy course.

Jason completed his community service in Durban rotating through outpatient clinics, a spinal rehab division as well as a provincial hospital. During that time he completed courses in dry needling and sports strapping.

Since graduating, Jason has worked exclusively in the hospital environment and has grown a keen interest in Critical Care/ ICU physiotherapy. He works at Christian Barnard Memorial Hospital, working predominantly with paediatric and adult ICU patients.

Jason strives to constantly encourage, motivate and bring hope to patients that he encounters. He not only focuses on their physical well-being but applies a holistic approach in patient treatments.

Outside of work Jason enjoys hiking, surfing, football and braves the flames as a Volunteer Wildfire Fighter in the Western Cape.