The Chronic Pain Series

Ms Gill Bedwell

Venue: Online - Zoom

Times: 19h00-20h00

Number of CUE's: 2 CEUs

Cost of Series: R200.00

Part 1: Pain is in the Brain Date: 2021-05-18
Part 2: Targeted Treatment of Pain Date: 2021-05-25

About this course

In this 2-hour webinar series, physiotherapist and pain scientist, Gill Bedwell, provides an overview of the physiological mechanisms of pain and an explanation of different types of pain: nociceptive, neuropathic and nociplastic.

She will also lead an interesting discussion on how to identify different pain presentations in patients.

In part 2, Gill questions whether we, as physiotherapists, are providing targeted treatment for pain? Or are we throwing multiple treatments at our patients in the hope that one actually targets the pathology? Gill unpacks what targeted treatment is and provides an interesting argument for the need to incorporate targeted treatment of pain in your every day practice.

She will also explain the physiological mechanisms of some commonly used treatment modalities for pain.

Session - Part One

Pain is in the Brain

  • General overview of pain physiology (acute and chronic)
  • Explaining different types of pain: nociceptive; neuropathic; nociplastic
  • Identifying different pain presentations in patients

Session - Part Two

Targeted Treatment of Pain

  • Unpacking the need to target treatment to actual physiological pain processes/pathologies
  • Looking at underlying physiological mechanisms of different treatments for pain

What you can get out of this course:

  • Get a thorough understanding of the physiology of acute and chronic pain
  • Understand the different types of pain
  • Learn how to identify the different types of pain in patients
  • Understand the underlying pain relieving mechanisms of targeted pain treatments
  • Learn how to apply targeted treatments to address different types of pain
  • Improve your understanding of how common treatment modalities actually work at a physiological level