Respiratory Physiotherapy in the ICU - An Evidence Base

Dr Alison Lupton-Smith

Venue: Online - Zoom

Times: 19h00-20h00

Number of CUE's: 1 CEU

Cost of Series: R100.00

Date: 2021-06-03

About this course

In this webinar, Alison discusses the evidence regarding respiratory physiotherapy in the management of ICU patients.

The different types of physiotherapeutic interventions utilised in the ICU will be discussed, and the evidence for their efficacy analysed.

Practical guidelines on the most-evidence based approaches for the physiotherapeutic management of the critically ill patient in ICU will be provided and discussed.

What you can get out of this course:

  • An overview of the common respiratory problems treated by physiotherapists in the ICU
  • An overview of appropriate physiotherapy techniques utilised in the management of ICU patients
  • Insight into the evidence base for different respiratory physiotherapy techniques commonly utilised by physiotherapists within an ICU setting
  • Advice on evidence-based best practice in the management of critically ill patients in the ICU